‘Engineer’ as a collective noun

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Engineering Eye

In the Professional Engineer magazine this month, a reader makes the comment below on the subject of Making ‘Engineer’ a protected title (pg 11). We thought it was a good point that deserves consideration. What are your thoughts?

And just when you thought it was all over… a reader makes a hitherto unconsidered point on protecting the status of engineers: namely that “engineer” is used as a collective noun for technical types in the UK in a way that it is not in European countries. Take, for example the use of ingenieur by the French. So a new designation for the role of engineer will be needed if the term is to be protected. We’ve seen Stemist mooted in these pages but it is, to be blunt, unsexy. So please send in your suggestions for the most appropriate name destined for protected status, either in the existing lexicon or of your own devising.”

Let us know what your thoughts on the matter are and we will be sure to pass them on…

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2 Responses to “‘Engineer’ as a collective noun”

  1. John

    “Engine” seems a bit 20th century. Perhaps “Energy” is a more current word….
    Maybe just Dogsbody is more realistic.

  2. The Pedant

    Isn’t it amazing that you can take a photo of some text on your phone, recognise the text and email it to yourself in a fraction of the time it would take to re-type the text yourself? And it only makes half a dozen or so mistakes…..


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