Commonwealth Opening Ceremony

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The Queen reads her message at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

What a show. There really was something for everyone. The colour, the music, the dogs, the joy of the athletes, the energy and the fireworks. You couldn’t help but feel proud of our City. The crescendo and the point of personal interest to 4c Design was when the Queen’s Baton would finally appear. The Baton has finally finished its epic tour of the Commonwealth and completed its role of message carrier and starting pistol for the Games.

We were all watching the opening ceremony with baited breath, waiting for the moment it entered the stadium. Throughout the ceremony we were given regular reminders of the Baton nearing the stadium and its 100,000 mile journey to reach this point, but it was not until the very end that we were finally able to see it again. When it entered the stadium, shining brightly with barely a scratch, it demonstrated to the world that ‘Clyde Built’ can still stand for quality and durability. With the whole world watching Sir Chris Hoy delivered the Baton to the Royal box where the Baton got ready to reveal its final secret, although a mechanism designed to protect the Queen’s message doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

With the right technique however, Prince Tunku Imran beamed with relief as he handed the message to Her Majesty and the Games were officially launched.

A breath taking (literally), emotional and special evening that will leave a lasting impression on all of us at 4c Design. If you still haven’t seen the Baton, then it will be on display at the Fruit Market in Glasgow from 2-4pm daily.

Enjoy the Games!

Great article about the ceremony in the Telegraph

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