4c is 10 Years Old, birthday party time!

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10th Bday

On the 19th of February 2012 4c will celebrate our 10th year in business.

What an amazing journey we’ve had!

From that early audacious idea of being the first graduates from Glasgow University and the GSA to set up our own Product Design Engineering Consultancy, through to today where we are a well established company that has helped many clients develop their ideas into nicely engineered products.

The journey has been a roller coaster at times, but after celebrating our best year in business with a steady organic growth over 10 years we are really looking forward to the fun we are going to have over the next decades.

Thanks to our staff past and present and most importantly our clients, it is you that inspire us.

4c Design 10th Birthday

Now for the birthday party…

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17 Responses to “4c is 10 Years Old, birthday party time!”

  1. Tony Lodge

    Hi Robin,

    Are you quite sure about the ten years since 4C started?? I can just about remember that far back but the outstanding thing which still sticks is how confident I was then that you were, as a team, going to succeed. You all had the vitality, cohesion and sense of purpose that I recognised as the vital ingredients for you to reach/exceed your goals.

    I am happy too that I was a small part, in those early days, of helping you set your goals and sharing in your collective enthusiasm.

    My very best wishes as you reach for the milestones ahead – I have no doubts whatsoever that you will go from strength to strength.

    Kind Regards & Best Wishes to the 4C Team.

    Tony Lodge (4c Chairman 2002-2007)

  2. Colin Burns

    4c are 10 – who’da thunk it..? I’ve always liked the space that the 4c name gives – as a fledgling design unit you were you Concocting, Curious, Capable, Configuring – 10 year later perhaps we should add Commanding, Confident, Consummate, Consultants..

    Colin Burns
    Ref added by 4c
    (Managing Director – Elmwood – Current
    4c Associate Director/Advisor 2004
    Managing Director IDEO London >2004)

  3. Alec Mitchell

    Congratulations…been a well managed and progressive company with natural and well organized adjustments along the way. The design hub concept and co-inventing has been done so well.

    You are a great wee company and a joy to get involved with, from time to time.

    All the best for the future years.

    Alec Mitchell
    (Founder of Mitchell Design Engineers who merged with 4c in 2004)

  4. Tom Mackay

    Dear 4c,

    Well, firstly I’m afraid I can’t make it to your party as much as I would like to go. Pearl Jam are 21 years old this year and they’re having a ‘party’ on the 21st in Manchester. Given they’re twice as old as you they have precedence.

    I guess AWS have been working with you for a fairly significant percentage of your 10 year history. From my point of view I can say that its always a pleasure to visit the Design Hub or have you guys visit us. Your problem solving nous, general attitude and collaborative approach are to be admired and appreciated. So thanks for that. Hopefully we can continue this good collaboration into the future.



  5. David Smith

    Congratulations too from another of your regular customers!

    Even though I am a biologist and not an engineer, I really enjoy my visits to 4c. Your workshop always seems to be crammed with various strange but fascinating prototypes at various stages of completion and there is never any problem finding someone who will explain the gist of what they are about with an enthusiasm which is very infectious. It is so stimulating to know, despite what the press suggests, that Scotland still has thriving people like yourselves who are highly creative at designing and making novel things that really work.

    Lang may your lum continue to reek!

    David Smith, Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh

  6. Keli Mitchell

    Happy 10th Birthday 4c!

    Congratulations on 10 years of pea pods, smoking gazebos, board games, vibrators (!), boat stuff, wind energy stuff, fancy speaker stuff, dinosaur building and spray tanning.

    You all deserve to take a step back and be massively proud of yourselves.

    Not only are you a success story, but you’re all quite nice, too (if a little scruffy).

    Here’s to ten more years…and then some.


    Keli & Matilda Mitchell xxx

  7. David Sime

    Happy tenth birthday 4c!
    Although we’ve only been working with you folks for a short time, you’ve already marked yourself out as a truly special company. 4c are one of the few organisations that we actively look forward to doing work with – your enthusiasm, intelligence, creativity and ability to just “get what we’re going for” make you a real joy to work with.
    (Now, if you can just give us a progress report on the “Sharks with Lazer-Beams” project, we can make a start on holding the world to ransom. Cheers for that)
    Here’s to a glowing future!
    Dave, Alan & Steve

  8. Toby Mottram

    The three years that we spent with 4C setting up eCow and developing our product lines were very stimulating. It was always a great place to work and share ideas. The range of experience and skills combined with the level of commitment to completing quality prototypes for clients was an inspiration to us.

  9. David Williamson

    Happy Birthday guys,

    I remember actually seeing your degree show!
    Now I feel old :0(
    It has been great to see you grow and mature into the company you are today.
    Keep up the good work, and lets hope you have many more anniversaries to come.

    (It’s our birthday as well this year – 40!)

  10. Ewan Macpherson

    Congratulations guys!
    It has been great working with you in various guises over the past 10 years and long may it continue.
    A real breath of fresh air on a sometimes dreich climate!
    I am sure that you will keep the faith and keep close to the knitting for the next 10 years and more, designing the future, perfect!

  11. Seonaid Nimmo

    Happy Birthday guys, I can’t believe how much you have achieved in just a decade and maintained such a high level of ambition, finesse, creative energy and charm. You created a safe place for creatives to come together to work, to play and to play some more!

    Thanks for letting me sample said slice of heaven for 3 years, its been a pleasure to watch 4c grow from strength to strength.

    “The Cow Girl” x

  12. Debbie Happell

    Congrats on 10 years guys – happy birthday! It’s quite an achievement. Proud to have been part of your success through building the 4c brand for you – your logo and marketing material still look great.
    Here’s to another 10 years (at least)!
    Best wishes,

  13. Deri Jones

    Congratulations folks! I remember visiting your first premise with the ingenious mezzanine floor, glad you’ve got a bit more room now…
    It’s always a pleasure to visit the Design Hub and see what’s going on.
    Hope the celebration beers were good.

  14. Bernard Frutin.

    Ten Years! Doesn’t time fly when your enjoying yourself. Its been a pleasure working with you even occasionally.
    Congratulations. A great achievement, especially in these difficult times.
    Obviously, having good clients, projects, colleagues, bankers? helps a lot. Even your website works well now that look at it for the first time in years!!
    WOW. What else can I say?
    Bernard Frutin.
    PS. Tell Alec i was asking after him.

  15. John Townshend

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary.

    4c’s set-up is a stimulating and unique combination of advanced design office and prototype workshop. It’s fun to visit and to work in. You’ve put together a broad set of complementary skills which matches the needs of your clients in a unique way.

    4c’s design process includes leaps of imagination, perspiration to turn ideas into reality, essential knowledge of manufacturing methods, plus superb skill in presentation.

    All the best for the next ten years and beyond.

    John Townshend


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