Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 3

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For the third meeting we had prepared three prototypes; these were the Monkey and a Walkies concept as well as the Measuring tool concept which we at 4c felt was still strong contender. The prototypes took several days to make, utilising the CNC machine, paint booth, lathes and hand tools.

When presenting the prototypes to the client the Walkies concept was quickly dismissed because it didn’t integrate well into the shape of the callipers. Also it was ungainly and clearly the weakest concept.

The measuring concept was received well, but ultimately was not chosen because there were some concerns from the client in changing the tool so drastically. The monkey concept was received very well because of its ease and versatility. As designers we harboured some doubts that it would not change the tool enough but it was the course of action the client seemed to favour at this stage.

For our next meeting we decided to modify a pair of callipers to dampen the ‘click’ noise and then get the client to test the monkey prototype on children to access its effectiveness. We modified the callipers by gluing a rubber pad to one arm of the callipers, which it was found reduced the noise levels from approximately 75dB to 60 dB. To ensure this did not affect measurement result we measured a number of items of known thickness with and without the rubber pad. We found that the rubber pad had no effect on results.

Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 1

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Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 3

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