STEM Ambassador Curiosity Project – Part 2

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Egg Survival Device

Landing an egg on Mars….Build it.

As promised, here is part two of the project to land the Curiosity Rover on Mars – or in our low-budget case, saving an egg from breaking when thrown out of a window. Given the time of years we went for the creme rather than the hen variety.

Following on from the ideas session we’d picked out a few of our favourites to try and build and test, with two teams building a wing and a parachute. I’d brought along a few bits ‘n’ bobs from the workshop, the kind of things we would normally knock up a quick prototype with – some wood, fabric, straws, string, elastic, card and of course duct tape. Half an hour later and we had a couple of really good models to test.

With only a small bit of disruption to another class the models were flung out of an upstairs window. Conditions weren’t ideal for the parachute with launch a little too close to the building for the parachute to properly deploy but it at least slowed the egg’s descent to some extent. Next the wing, which caught the breeze and glided down quite elegantly, the egg safely concealed inside.

So if NASA are planning another Mars landing soon, we think the wing might be the way to go. Although, maybe there is a little development work still to be done…..

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  1. Retired teacher

    Enjoyed reading about landing an egg on Mars – an interesting project!


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