Steamin on the Waverley

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The 4c Design team and company take a steam down the Clyde on the 65 year old Clyde built Waverley Steam Boat. We were lucky enough to enjoy a warm clear night with some fantastic views, with great company and above all in a fantastic venue. For anyone that hasn’t been in the Waverley we can all very highly recommend it. It is a beautifully crafted and meticulously maintained piece of British engineering, the steam engine had all our engineers drooling as we watched it work and tried to understand all its intricacies as the crew turned dials and pulled levers.

Now to get on our high horses; the Waverley is undeniably a beautiful vessel and what could be described as a “working, living museum”, yet despite her popularity and the paddlers importance to Scottish engineering heritage, her future is under threat due to spiraling fuel costs. If the government can shell out £57 million a year to subsidise CalMac to run their island linking services with many foreign built ferries, surely it is not asking too much in a country reliant on tourism to spend a fraction of that amount in maintaining the Waverley as a functioning reminder of better less stressful days.

For more information about the Waverley and its fundraising efforts please visit


On 14 August, Deputy President, Professor Isobel Pollock, will be presenting the 65th IMechE Engineering Heritage Award to the PS Waverley, the last seagoing passenger carrying paddle steamer in the world.

As part of the award presentation, and in celebration of the 65 years since Waverley’s launch, the Institution has organised a trip on the paddle steamer from Glasgow to Loch Long and Loch Goil. Members and guests can embark from Glasgow, Helensburgh, Largs and Dunoon.

If you (or any of your colleagues) would like to take the opportunity to sail on this historic paddle steamer, we have secured a special IMechE ticket price of £20 per person from Glasgow and Helensburgh (£10 for children) and £15 from Largs and Dunoon (£10 for children), a saving of 20% on the regular ticket price. In addition, each guest will receive a meal voucher and attend the Engineering Heritage Award.

To book your tickets for this event, please contact Helen Kozlowski on 020 7304 6970 or email at

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