School Work Experience

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At the Design Hub we actively support the idea of young adults entering the Design Hub for work experience covering a week. The Design Hub has an exciting, innovative and progressive environment. To be honest probably not the “usual workplace” the majority of youngsters will find in their working lifetime.

If we take in a school pupil for a week’s work experience, we are aware this will result in a designer giving 5 days unpaid work to encourage, motivate and generally look after. Happy to do this.  

What is really frustrating is the numerous pages of red tape which requires to be completed on behalf of the school to allow a pupil to set foot in the design office – the workshop is totally out of bounds. Then there are further pages of questions from our insurance company regarding Public & Employers Liability Insurance, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment to be completed.   This can take hours of administrative emails and confirmation documentation before all parties covered.

Due to this administrative paperwork it is with heavy heart we have taken the decision to discontinue school work experience weeks. I don’t want to revert back to the good old days when children were used to clean chimneys or their small fingers were ideal for getting into the mechanics of large industrial machines. I do think there should be a compromise and we have gone too far in the other direction. What happened to common sense.

Where do you think a pupil interested in design engineering would rather be – behind a desk or in the workshop supervised by skilled and trained engineers carrying out practical projects?

Would be interested in your comments on this.

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