Who says Accountants are money grabbers

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Accountant Run

Well, here at 4c Design, our accountant certainly is money grabbing but our very own version of Jimmy Saville is “Walking 10km A Day In May” for Charity.

Kevin and Lesley McGuckien are stoating around various locations ranging from running away from Buckfast Bottle Throwing Neds in North Lanarkshire to the lovely little town of Callander. Each day we are treated to Kevin’s daily update on his location and experiences. I would certainly sponsor this couple, not only for this amazing challenge, but also for the absolute hilarious banter Kevin treats us to on a daily basis.

If you want to sponsor, then please click on the following: www.kalaccountants.co.uk/10k.php

We sponsored Kevin on Friday 13th, this is what he had to say:

Sponsoring today on the 10k calendar is an exceptional and uber-cool company, 4c Design. It says on their website that “4c Design is an accomplished design engineering consultancy with a passion for innovation”. That means they can make your ideas and dreams reality, using their design and engineering expertise to create the working model of your idea. How cool is that! You really have to have a look at the website for some of their projects, it’s fantastic. Some real life changing innovation and it’s as much a vocation as it is a job for these guys. If necessity is the mother of invention I reckon they should change their strap line to ‘Who’s the daddy!’.”

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One Response to “Who says Accountants are money grabbers”

  1. Kevin McGuckien

    You could have used “our very own Haile Gebrselassie” or “our very own Jesse Owens” but no, you went with Jimmy Saville.

    Jimmy Saville? Oh man,that’s my bubble well and truly burst.

    Best regards
    Forest Gump


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