SolidWorks Filter Problems – 4c Tech Video

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SolidWorks Filter Problems

Getting slightly carried away with my step into the 21st century, I have now created a vimeo video to accompany my blog post. Here I am explaing why SolidWorks sometimes prevents you from selecting faces, edges and points and how to overcome this. This is due to Filters. The issue here is you might have the filters turned on in the Solidworks tooolbar? I’ve created this short technical video to show you how you turn filters off and on in Solidworks, they are a useful feature but a real pain when you don’t realise you have them on and are trying to select an edge or a face!

Watch this space for further tips and tricks. I’m already working on the second draft of my 3 hour epic explaining the benefits of configurations.

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One Response to “SolidWorks Filter Problems – 4c Tech Video”

  1. Roy

    Cheers john, this has actually helped me solve the same problems I’ve always had in SW2004!


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