Young Engineer of the Year Award Shortlist

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Beeas Awards

The British Engineering Excellence Awards (beeas) has just announced the short-list for their event; and guess what? Yours truly (Michael Aldridge) is in the runnings for Young Engineer of the Year!

The awards are aimed to ‘demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK’ and ‘to provide a benchmark of excellence from which the industry can learn and from which it can build; and to demonstrate the power of engineering design innovation within the UK to the world.’

I feel honoured to have even made the shortlist, fingers crossed I can go all the way. All details of the event, sponsors and categories can be found here…

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2 Responses to “Young Engineer of the Year Award Shortlist”

  1. Bossyboots

    How on earth did I miss this little piece of news???? Congratulations Michael and for once I am being totally sincere. Loving NZ by the way.

    • Michael Aldridge

      Thanks very much Ann, I went down to the awards ceremony yesterday and I actually won! Sweet as bro… (New Zealand slang for the non-natives out there)

      We’ve been following your NZ life via Facebook, doesn’t look like we are going to see you again any time soon. All feeling very jealous, maybe we should get up a 4c office out there…


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