Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 4

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Between the previous meeting and this one, new guidelines at the hospital meant that all soft toys were no longer allowed, hence killing off the monkey concept. When meeting with them however this seemed no bad thing as tests had shown the monkey concept not to prove successful as the monkey did not sufficiently change the look and ‘feel’ of the tool. The monkey was often actually removed from the tool and given to the child to play with. Also the rubber dampening pad didn’t reduce the noise enough to have any real effect.

After talking through the options the conclusion was made to go ahead with the measuring concept slightly modified to be painted on rather than separate pieces manufactured. This makes realising the concept much more possible but is also much more hygienic and doesn’t change or impede the use of the tool, yet still significantly changes its appearance.

The age of the children measured in the majority of cases was less than five, so a primary colour paint scheme was decided in a “Fisher Price” style. The dial would be manufactured on the CNC machine and subsequently painted. After some research we decided to use a 2 pak paint because while more difficult to spray it is much more durable.

The final product was very nicely finished and really changed the ‘feel’ of the tool. We are happy to present this to the client and feel confident that we will be able to duplicate the results if more modified callipers are required.

Final Meeting

We concluded the project with a final meeting after the callipers had been used for a time, this way the client could give informed feedback.

The client was very happy with the results of the project, so much so that they would now like to get more callipers modified. They found that the changes made changed the look and ‘feel’ of the tool dramatically and yet did not hinder function. They were very pleased with the results.

The client said that as a result of this design process they were now much more aware of fundamental design flaws in the calliper design and would consider a future project with 4c to entirely redesign the callipers from ground up. At 4c we feel the callipers could be significantly improved to provide consistent and accurate feedback every time while causing less discomfort to the patient. We would very much invite such a project in the future.

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Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 4

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2 Responses to “Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 4”

  1. Kathryn Smith

    The callipers have been a great success. We had a two year old girl in clinic the other day and she started to protest the minute we mentioned “measuring fat stores” and asked her mum to take her daughters t-shirt off. But when she saw the callipers she was immediately attracted to them, like a child to a toy, and wanted to hold them and practice using them on her mum. So when it came to taking the measurement, she was a perfect patient. If we had produced the original grey mechanical looking callipers I very much doubt she would have been so cooperative. Thank you 4c, a great project. Kathryn.


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