Tannoy Precision 6 Firstlook

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Tannoy Precision 6

4c have worked with Tannoy since 2008 in an industrial design capacity. During that time we have worked on a vast range of products; everything from the Kingdom Royal to their upcoming range of high precision tools to be included in the highest end speakers. The latest product to come from the partnership is the Precision 6, a floor standing residential speaker that both ourselves and Tannoy are particularly proud of (two of us are already planning to get a pair). This is a sneak peek of the final product which should be on sale in July 2012.

As well as looks to die for, the Precision also gets Tannoy’s full compliment of technology; including Tannoy’s dual-concentric tweeter design plus ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) drivers. The Precision 6.4 uses a dual concentric up top, then ABR, then driven bass driver, finishing with another ABR. Trust us they sound good!

For full details and more pictures check out our design case study here.

Tannoy Precision 6.4 Render
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2 Responses to “Tannoy Precision 6 Firstlook”

  1. h.hut

    I must say: looks to die for, but in our store the customers dont always like the glim glim shine of piano lack.
    some of them would die for real wood like the old D300 D500 D700 D900

    with sincere,

  2. Michael

    h.hut I take your point about the finish but I think Tannoy are ahead of you there. They will be availible in a range of finishes including: dark walnut, espresso, gloss black and a wenge finish. Some of these are a high polish and others are a real wood matt finish.

    I have seen them all in real life but still undecided which is my favourite. Depends what sort of room they are going into mostly I think.

    Thanks for your comment, more pictures to come soon


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