Strathclyde Student PDP Project 4

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Our DMEM project

Strathclyde Bridge

Since our last post, we have developed prototypes for the packaging, complete with foam inserts which can be removed and used as part of the kit. The packaging also includes examples of brands and branding the team have developed.

The team have also been hard at work experimenting and testing different models and configurations, from lollipop sticks to acrylic rods. To try and get into the mindframe of S1/ S2 students the strathclyde team only used materials that were available in a regular classroom i.e. paper, pencils, play dough, etc.

From this experience the team were able to start modelling modular sections and joints in 3D CAD software, though had trouble coming up with a suitable solution for modular joints. Initially the team’s approach was too narrow, so to broaden the scope we engaged in a brainstorming activity with the 4c team. From this, three main ideas were derived: the “dogbone” configuration, a comb joint and a 3 ply (layered) section.

Since one of the main inspirations for the project, K’Nex, has a selection of rods with different lengths, it was decided that the the largest beam would be 380mm, and then the rest decreased in size by a rate of 1/√2.

After this, the team visited Stewart’s Melville College to trial the kit, specifically focusing on the bridge building and catapult exercises. This went really well, with kids being thoroughly engaged in the activities, and teachers praising the idea.

The team now intend the build upon their findings from the first test, develop the kit, and then run a second trial in the Mary Erskine school. This will lead to the final developed product.

Article written by Strathclyde PDP team



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