Strathclyde Student PDP Project 3

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Plastic Flex visual representation of stresses

Our progress

Following on from the last post, the University of Strathclyde team have begun to develop the packaging for the Engineering resource product as a piece of kit (some sort of box or unit) which will hold specific tools, materials, and specialist components for each of the tasks. We are considering the potential of having an initial warm up exercise to open the box, one which gets the brain engaged and will encourge students to think in an engineering manner.

Once open the box itself will dismantle completely so that ALL sections may be used to aid with the challenges, such as placement of ribbing to allow for a support for a bridge, Making the entire kit fully interactive and functional.

Along with this an interactive DVD will be used as an aid to introduce children to the challenge. This DVD will contain minimal instructions and real case scenarios (such as the Tacoma Narrow Bridge Disaster) in a modern montage style to keep their attention and get across key objectives and hint at a number of possible solutions.

We are also considering a teaching aid in a booklet style to enable the teacher to structure the tasks.

Article written by Strathclyde PDP team

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