2014 Queen’s Baton to be Revealed this Friday

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See how we designed the Queen’s Baton for Glasgow.

As I am sure you are all aware, we have been extremely busy the past few months toiling away in secret on the Queen’s Baton for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. At long last the big day is nearing when we can share with you the design, the thought process and the effort that is the Glasgow Queen’s Baton.

The baton will be revealed Friday 16th Aug 2014, the reveal will happen on The One Show BBC One at 7pm.

Can you decipher all the Clues @Glasgow2014 have been giving about the baton?

    • After the #BatonRelay a precious piece of Scotland will remain in every nation & territory – only after a conundrum has been solved…
    • On its journey the baton will cross many seas & shores – traditional techniques will ensure it’s all smooth sailing…
    • Framed in industrial and architectural heritage, the baton draws inspiration from the Dear Green Place…
    • The heart of the baton contains a Royal Message, which will be carried by many but read by one…
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7 Responses to “2014 Queen’s Baton to be Revealed this Friday”

  1. Gary Tompsett

    Great way to describe the Scottish n Glasgow story behind the ‘secret’ design. The close-ups in the video work well to show the previous batons. Enjoy the engineering accolades to come!

  2. Mrs Dickie

    I have been following this in NZ and telling everyone about it. Good luck for Friday.

  3. Deri

    Lovely to see the excitement on the mainstream media. Love the idea of the Ailsa Craig curling stone, genious! Chuffed for you all, well done from Wales, cheers Deri

  4. Alex Heslop

    Great build-up for Fridays launch. A fantastic opportunity well seized. Congratulations to all at 4C from Cornwall.


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