Fantastic Response to the Queen’s Baton Reveal

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Last night the Queen’s Baton for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games was revealed and we have been bowled over by the positive response Glasgow 2014 has received. It makes all the long hours feel very worth while.

The reveal happened on The One Show with later appearances on BBC Breakfast, see how it all unfolded below:

BBC iPlayer - Queen's Baton Reveal

The Granite gemstone

The Baton contains a granite ‘gemstone’ which will be gifted to each nation and territory during the visit. Housed at the very top of the Baton, it is released only by opening a clever mechanism, inspired by historic box puzzles. The gemstones, made of granite unique to Scotland, were sourced from Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde, crafted by Kays of Scotland, world-famous Curling stone manufacturers, and embellished by jewellers from The Glasgow School of Art.

The lattice frame

The titanium lattice frame takes inspiration from Glasgow’s rich industrial heritage and the architectural beauty of Charles Rennie Mackintosh design. A cutting-edge ‘Direct Metal Laser Sintering’ process was used to create its striking organic form, fusing together multiple layers of pure titanium powder three hundredths of a millimetre thick with a focused laser beam – essentially 3D printing.

The illuminated Queen’s message

The heart of the Baton design centres on the Queen’s message, which will be placed inside a transparent cylinder and housed in a pure titanium latticework frame. The message forms the visual core of the Baton design – illuminated from within by LED lights, yet unreadable until the Opening Ceremony.

The handle

The baton’s handle is made from Elm sourced from the grounds of Garrison House on the Isle of Cumbrae – a tribute to Scotland’s natural resources. It was constructed using a boat-building technique called bird-mouthing, traditionally used to make masts for ships. Light, strong and durable, the handle was created by craftsmen at GalGael, a Glasgow social enterprise that teaches traditional skills.

See video of the Queen’s Baton Below

Also read the full story about the baton history and design on the BBC News Website.

BBC News Article - Queen's Baton Reveal

Glasgow-based firm 4c Design won the tender to create the Queen’s Baton, which is similar to the Olympic torch. However, only one baton is made, containing the Queen’s hand-written message to the Commonwealth. The 288-day relay, covering 118,000 miles, gets under way on 9 October at Buckingham Palace. The Queen will place her message inside the baton, which makes its first international port-of-call in India on 11 October.

The designers said the message from the Queen was pivotal to the baton design and they were keen it should not be “hidden away”. The baton has a lattice design, made from layers of titanium fused together by laser, which means the message is visible. The parchment, handmade in Glasgow using linen and plant fibre, is also “dramatically” illuminated by LED lights within a transparent cylinder to make the sealed scroll easier to see. The brief for designers stated that the baton should be easily handed from person to person, should weigh no more than 2kg and must be able to withstand all weathers for the 10-month relay. The baton’s handle is made of elm wood sourced from the grounds of Garrison House on the Isle of Cumbrae and was constructed using a boatbuilding technique called bird-mouthing, which means it is light, strong and durable. The top of the baton contains a granite “gemstone” which will be detached by opening a puzzle mechanism and given as gift to each nation and territory. The gems are made of water-resistant granite unique to Scotland and were sourced from Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde.

Keep abreast of all the latest information on the Queen’s Baton and the Commonwealth Games on the Glasgow 2014 Website and Official Facebook Page. Tickets go on Sale Monday so don’t miss out.

We have quoted some of our favourite comments, from the Glasgow 2014 Facebook post on the baton, have your say in the comment section below:

  • Charlie Keeble Absolutely magnificent design. You can see Glasgow’s shipbuilding and world port heritage in the design. It looks like a beacon from a ship. The lattice framework resembles a the lines of navigation on a globe.
  • Eileen Winnifred Stillie I love it. The design and craftsmanship is beautiful. It shouts SCOTLAND.Very well done to everyone involved.
  • Richard Bazeley This Baton is beautiful, well done to 4c Design
  • Andy Kerr Lovely design. Intrinsically Scottish, with style and balance. Nice work.
  • Lakshay Grover Wowww, classic n Modern look…
  • Christopher Quinn That is an amazing bit of design. It would make a fantastic pen to remember the Commonwealth Games. Is there any plans to develop the design?
  • Alison Thomson That looks stunning. The design captures so many aspects of our traditions and heritage, and looks fantastic too. Great job!
  • Jackie Smith Fab Design would love to own one of these the workmanship is outstanding.
  • Paula Bisset It’s just beautiful – really love the use of the granite for a gift.
Images below are linked from
Queen's Baton - Designed by 4c Design for Glasgow 2014

Queen’s Baton – Designed by 4c Design for Glasgow 2014


Queen's Baton Puzzle Section - 4c Design for Glasgow 2014

Queen’s Baton Puzzle Section


Queen's Baton Lattice with Illuminated Message - 4c Design for Glasgow 2014

Queen’s Baton Lattice with Illuminated Message


Queen's Baton Elm Wood Handle - 4c Design for Glasgow 2014

Queen’s Baton Elm Wood Handle


Queen's Baton Gem Stone Gift - 4c Design for Glasgow 2014

Queen’s Baton Gem Stone Gift

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5 Responses to “Fantastic Response to the Queen’s Baton Reveal”

  1. dunketh

    The joint between titanium and wood is exquisite, even the grain compliments the shaping of the titanium. The machining required to create a reliable ‘puzzle’ mechanism that’ll stand up to repeated usage is equally mind boggling. Top work!

  2. Stephen Cuffe

    Congratulations – that is a simply stunning work of design, original but classic.

  3. Anarkik3D Ltd

    Well done, 4c Design. You have done us proud with this beautiful baton and wonderful combination of traditional materials and making, new metal and new technology of 3D printing. The design and workmanship show a deep understanding of what design and making is all about.


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