My Intern Experience so far

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Nick Czemerys 2012 Intern

My name is Nick and I am the current intern at 4c Design. Having recently graduated with an MEng in Produce Design Engineering (PDE) I cannot think of a better start to my career. Uni has furnished me with a wide technical knowledge and a skill set that reflects the creative yet rational personality of a PDE’er. My previous internships have gone some way in representing an industrial perspective on product however have never quite illustrated the bigger picture. The 4c internship however has allowed me to really get under the skin of a company, providing me with a well-rounded industrial experience. It has shown me not only how to survive in industry but how to flourish as one of the bigger fish in a big pond!

A little bit about me: out of office hours I am a drummer in a “psychedelic-rock” band based in Glasgow which allows me to create my own music and feel like a minor superstar. Aside from this I am an avid cinemagoer, a gamer and a bit of a self-confessed sci-fi nerd – which I believe helps fuel my imagination and creativity. In terms of design, although well versed in every stage of the design process my biggest passion lies in concept generation and development. I love examining problems and thinking up blue sky solutions while thoroughly enjoy pursuing my ideas in the comfort of a workshop.

I am now past the half-way point of the internship and so far it has been an incredible and fascinating experience which has provided an exponential learning curve in terms of technical knowledge and skills. So far I have undertaken a mixture of internal and external projects which have launched me into the deep end however this has helped me become a more effective design engineer and has taught me how to best address problems and challenges. The experience has given me more of a business mind and helped me reinforce and expand my skill set. It has also reaffirmed my passion for a career as a design engineer and I am excited to see what the remaining 5 weeks bring.

In the words of Obi-Wan Kinobi – “You must learn the ways of the Force…”

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