4c interviewed as the Queen’s Baton Designers

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“When we found out we got the Queen’s Baton… it was high fives all round” Robin Smith

4c Design and Glasgow 2014 are interviewed about their thoughts on winning the contract to design the Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games. Why was 4c Design chosen to design the baton? What are the first impressions the concepts created thus far? What was 4c’s reaction to winning the contract? And what is important to 4c when designing the baton?

It is a very prestigious contract that we are admittedly a little nervous about but mostly something that we are extremely excited about being a part of. Designing something for not only the Queen’s eye, but for 30% of the World’s population and something that is integral to opening the entire Games. It is incredible to find a platform from which our designs can be viewed by the entire world.

We have researched batons of previous games, the Edinburgh and Manchester batons featured in the above video. Combining inspiration from these batons, along with the vibe of the Glasgow Games and a little 4c Design Engineering magic, we believe we have something special in store.

Let us know your thoughts, we want to know what you want from the Glasgow Queen’s Baton? Who knows, you might find your ideas integrated into its design.

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