Design of Oxygen Tank Bag for Lenny Yule

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During my four month internship at 4c Design I worked on an individual pro bono project. Through the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Yorkhill, Glasgow, we were introduced to Lenny, a 10 year-old boy with interstitial lung disease; a life-long condition, which means he must carry around a constant supply tank of liquid oxygen when he is away from home.

Lenny Yule - Oxygen Tank Bag
The backpack given to Lenny by the hospital is made to fit a larger model of oxygen tank, and the bag itself is flimsy with little support, due to the fact that almost all users are elderly and less active. For Lenny, this means the straps are too long to fit his frame, the tank hits off of his lower back as he runs around, and sways from side to side uncomfortably.
Helios oxygen tank

Helios oxygen tank and bag supplied by NHS

I set out to design and make a bag better suited to a 10 year old child, which could carry the tank securely and fit Lenny more comfortably. The bag had to be suitable for running around outside, walking to primary (and soon secondary) school, long walks, as well as sitting on the sofa. After researching and further testing a range of bags, it appeared the most efficient option was to purchase and alter an existing bag. I opted for the Camelbak mini-mule and set to work cutting it up at the seams to alter it. It is safe to say my fingers were in pieces, but I am now a dab hand with the needle and thread! I think even my granny would be proud of the result!

4c Oxygen Tank Bag - interstitial lung disease

We met with Lenny and his family last week to hand over the final bag. The video below shows a comparison of the old bag next to the new one I made. We hope Lenny enjoys playing outside with his new bag and showing it off at school!

Lenny’s family are involved with the charity Child Lung Foundation, raising awareness of these rare lung diseases as well as supporting the families of children affected. To see how you can get involved or donate, click here.

For anyone that wishes to read the full project report, including basic instructions for making your own bag please follow this link.

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4 Responses to “Design of Oxygen Tank Bag for Lenny Yule”

  1. Liz Moody

    What a fantastic story – it must be tremendous to see your ideas manifest in useful way – I wonder how many of us an say that about the work we do each day? Fantastic story.

  2. 4c Design

    Congratulations Lenny, due to an anonymous benefactor he has been gifted a trip to Lapland. Very much deserved, say hello to Rudolf while you are up there.


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