Guide to Creating a Design Brief

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Design Brief Guide

Our job is to come up with specific, workable solutions for you, therefore the more information you give us, the better result we’ll produce. This is a rough guide of some of the questions you should ask yourself to ensure a mutually optimum result.

Before drawing up a design brief you need to consider a range of questions that will inform it, for example –

  • How does the design work connect with the strategic objectives of your business?
  • What problem do you want the design to solve?
  • Do all of your key people agree what the project’s outcome should be?
  • How will you know when the project has succeeded?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Does your product already exist (Don’t be afraid to Google it)

Your design brief should cover the key issues in a clear and concise way. This should include –

  • Your business background. Who are your customers? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your strategic objectives?
  • A clear description of the project and what you want to achieve. What are the project objectives? How will the finished design be used?
  • Any constraints on the design. Does it need to fit with any other designs? Are there any specific technical or legal requirements? What manufacturing processes will be used?
  • Project management. Budget and timetables, details of the internal team, how communications will be managed and how success will be measured.
  • Establishing who owns the intellectual property rights to the designs being produced.

A brief should be written in stone. It may need to change to reflect new circumstances and there should be flexibility on both sides to allow that to happen.

Hope this helps…

Any Questions? Just leave a comment…

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