Freeflow Ebike

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Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. Something drives them that somehow infects those around them. It’s exciting and inspirational and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few in my time. The vision is never obscured, despite the setbacks.

I was introduced to the Freeflow project in 2011 when Neil MacMartin came to our offices with the concept of a fully contained electric bike, where all the electronics and mechanics would be housed within the downtube. On top of this, he proposed the drive should be directly on the crank.


At that time there were numerous companies attempting to break into the Ebike market, but most were taking the route of externally mounting the components and driving the wheels instead of the crank. Essentially the ‘easy’ and certainly the most common route.

Being different and pursuing the ‘right’ way was the dream and that has never been compromised. We built numerous prototypes, taking full advantage of the 4c Design workshop and ultimately refined the design to deliver the first incarnation of the Freeflow Technologies Turbine Ebike. The journey has been challenging, but then being different and entrepreneurial is always challenging, because so few people choose that route.




We have recently delivered the first batch of functioning bikes to the client, and these are being user-tested with encouraging initial feedback. 

We are immensely proud of the work done to date and look forward to working on the next generation of Ebikes with Neil and the team at Freeflow.


Watch this space!

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