Introducing: Emily Tulloh, our new intern

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Emily Tulloh - 2014 4c Intern

Hi there – I’m Emily Tulloh, the new intern here at 4c Design. As part of my Product Design degree at Brunel University I have spent a year working in industry to soak up every experience and learn about design in the real world. After a stint at Design Council and the charity DEMAND, I have now been thrown into the small and creative team here at 4c to learn from their wealth of experience and understand how a successful product design consultancy is run.

The internship at 4c really stood out as it gives a holistic experience across working in a design consultancy. In my first week I have already sat in on two client meetings, conducted some research, been given one-on-one CAD tuition and learnt about the company website. The team have been super welcoming and accommodating to what I would like to get out of the next 3 months; I have no doubt I will learn an enormous amount from their range of skills and experience during my time here.

My passion for design comes from direct contact with people – whether that be users or clients – and working alongside them to create something that works long term long after the designer has left. It is these early stages of the design process that particularly excite me, whether that be in user observation or collaborative brainstorming sessions, which draw on the diverse experience of everyone’s specialties. I am looking forward to working within the team to improve the design, not compromise, when faced with constraints and challenges.

As well as working, I like spending my time with friends in the sunshine, going to exhibitions, and getting stuck in to pottery and life drawing classes. I’m looking forward to experiencing different cultures and spending time travelling after my degree, but before that, I still have a whole year of uni and a major project to keep me busy. It will be great to focus on an area for a prolonged period of time; whether that be through products that are intuitive and inclusive or services that are designed with the user experience at heart.

I can’t wait to drink in every experience and learn about design’s role in bringing ideas to life during my time at 4c. So here’s to the next 3 months: to more sunny lunches on the fake grass, and some exciting live projects to get involved with! | @emilytulloh

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