How Designers are Changing Business

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In this inspiring Radio 4 show Peter Day gives a great inside into our changing world and why ‘Design‘ isn’t all about pretty dresses and sexy cars.

You can download and listen to the program here . Its 30mins long.

Design Thinking on Radio 4

This program explains how if design thinking is brought in at the start of a project, rather than at the end to ‘make things look sexy’ it can have profoundly positive effect on business.

Did you know that a Government Website won this years top design award? Most people might think this is a bit weird, if your a bit sceptical, listen to the show when you hear it first hand, its compelling.

The program has features where it takes you to IDEO and Sugru who help explain how their meaning of design thinking. Both are great exemplars.

As a Scottish Design company my only (small) criticism of the program is how London focused all the case studies are. It would appear the producers have gone to the London Design Museum and then connected with designers who are on their doorstep, which is understandable; Why leave the M25 halo when you don’t have to?!

It would have been nice if they’d given the Lighthouse a call as there are some superb examples of company’s in outside London, like Glasgow based Snook “We are the How”

Snook Service Design Scotland

My summary is WELL DONE Radio 4 just next time would be great if you could include some nationwide, and dare I say it Scottish case studies!


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