Creating the world that never was

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The technological advancements needed to combat climate change often pose the type of tricky engineering problem which gets the 4c creative juices flowing. We’ve designed, engineered and prototyped a host of solutions from electric bikes to clean energy generation. For us it’s a real win-win: we get great job satisfaction through developing robustly engineered, commercially viable designs while at the same time helping our clients innovate the way to a better future for everyone.

Most recently the 4c Design workshop team have delivered a set of wave energy prototypes for AWS Ocean Energy, a wave energy technology developer supported by Wave Energy Scotland. These prototypes are currently being put through their paces by 4c Engineering at the FloWave tank in Edinburgh.

Over the past decade, our innovation partnership with AWS has resulted in many successes, including a multi-tonne diaphragm design, a 7-metre diameter scale test rig and the engineering design and build of a physical model which enabled AWS to scoop $250,000 in the US Wave Energy Prize.

Our partnership approach spans the full product development process, starting with strategy and finishing with handover to the manufacturer. We bring a fresh set of eyes and wealth of technical experience to projects ranging from technology road-mapping, through proof of concept prototypes to complex CAD development and design for manufacture.

As cycling enthusiasts, we particularly enjoyed developing a novel mechanical drive chain for Freeflow Technologies’ e-bike, intended for active travel city bike schemes. Our project with Freeflow developed patentable intellectual property enabling the company to secure £1.7m from the Williams Formula 1 team’s investment fund in 2018.

As public and political awareness of the scale of the climate crisis increases, we see opportunities all around us where we can use our creative engineering skills to deliver a better future. We need future-proofed design in all aspects of our lives: from clean energy generation and active travel, to industrial equipment and products designed according to circular economy principles.

100 years ago, supersonic flight pioneer Theodore von Kármán said, ‘scientists discover the world that exists, engineers create the world that never was’. 4c will be at All Energy in Glasgow next week to meet like-minded people with whom we can co-create the ‘world that never was’, and ensure it is a better place for all. 4c Engineering Director Andy Hall is speaking in the Wave and Tidal Quick Fire Session at 14:20 on Thursday 16th May and other members of the 4c Design and 4c Engineering team will be attending on both days. If you’re going to be there too then get in touch!

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