Congratulations to Glasgow School of Art

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We’d like to extend our congratulations to Professor Alastair Macdonald and Doctor David Loudon of the Glasgow School of Art for winning the Nexxus Innovation Award for life Sciences for their ongoing work on the Envision project.

Professor Alastair Macdonald (l) & Doctor David Loudon (r)

The project has been carried out as a collaboration between Professor Phil Rowe, Professor of Rehabilitation at the Bioengineering Unit at the University of Strathclyde and the School of Design at the Glasgow School of Art the project aims to translate esoteric biomechanical data about physical impairments into compelling and clear animated 3D visualisations which allow patients, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to engage with this information to aid patients to live fulfilling lives. In their own words;

“We’re very excited about our Envision project. The prototype, developed by Dr David Loudon, a Research Fellow at the School of Art, aims to improve rehabilitation services and aid the understanding by lay and non-lay persons alike, of where the stresses, strains and movements of muscles and joints occur in the body when undertaking everyday tasks. This in turn can ensure appropriate rehabilitation programmes may be drawn up and different, less taxing ways, of doing things may be determined.”

Visualisation of walking Focus Group Leg Force Visualisation

Inspirational work, and certainly of interest to those of us keen to see Inclusive Design move into the mainstream of design practice. How aware are we as designers of the capacity of older users? Are we casually and unthinkingly excluding users from our products? It is quite sobering to think that having useable products in the home environment are the difference between independent living and a care home. We may find one day, either through injury or old age, that we have excluded ourselves…


For more background please check out the Envision Project website (under renewal)

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