Andrew Scholes – Summer Intern 2019

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The 4c Team are delighted to introduce our 2019 intern Andrew. We’re excited to be able to provide the opportunity to expand his skillset, and of course for us to learn a thing or two on the way.

Hi there, my name is Andrew Scholes and I have just completed my first week of my internship at 4c Design. I graduated from the University of Strathclyde this year in Product Design Engineering (MEng) with a Distinction. I would now like to enhance my skills in all areas of the design process, including: sketching, graphic design, CAD, physical prototyping and mechatronics. Outside of work I enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing.

I was drawn towards 4c due to their strong interest and experience in physical prototyping which sets them apart from other product design consultancies. I also believe working with a small design company provides more opportunities in innovation as there is more flexibility for trial and error which is not always possible with larger companies. In working with 4c I am building upon my previous experiences with a another design consultancy, and the makerspace, ‘Zios’.

My first week at 4c has been pretty busy. I have been introduced to my primary project which involves re-purposing a 4c ventures IP into producing potential solutions to aid farmers in vaccinating livestock.  I also shadowed a meeting with a client and subsequently produced some preliminary sketches for them.

To be made familiar with the team’s CAD process and their 3D printing capabilities, I also produced a part for modifying their fridge!

It has been really great getting to know everyone on the team and I look forward to 3 months of exciting projects.

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