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It was great to have Chris, Kevin and Andreas from the Adidas footwear product development team in Germany at our office today. These guys work in specialist footwear for track and field athletics and are working hard on performance products for the London Olympics this year. It was fascinating to discover the amount of engineering and attention to detail that goes into creating shoes that will take a fraction of a second off a 100m time.

The meeting was a fact finding mission for both companies, Adidas are alway interested in finding out how other innovation companies develop and transcend technology from one industry to another and for 4c it was a good chance to learn more about the product development processes used in the mass production of footwear. When any new product is launched paying for tooling is always an issue, so spare some thought for the guys who have to sign the cheque for a new set of injection mould tools required for a pair of shoes! There are typically 21 different tools needed for every size and variation to make one new model! ouch…

It was great to meet the guys and we look forward to continued knowledge sharing and collaboration over the years to come and for now, good luck with making those record breaking shoes for this years Olympics.

Adidas product development team
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