4c Photoshop Competition

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4c Photoshop Competition

I don’t know what it is about our followers but people keep sending in photoshopped versions of our photography. So here you have it, your chance to photoshop any image you like from our website and we will publish the best entries and even send out prizes for the winning entry.

Photoshop rules are simple

  • Any image from our website and/or blog is allowed
  • We leave it up to you how you want to edit them
  • Submit days: 21 March – 6th April 2012
  • We will announce the winner on Friday the 13th

Send entries to photoshop@4cdesign.co.uk

The entries



We decided to divide the wining entries into 2 sections, photoshop skill and funniest. To these winners we will send out an extra special prize, but for everyone else we will send out a 4c mug. Thanks for all the entries, unfortunately not all have made it to the site but they have all impressed and/or made us laugh.

Photoshop Skill (Christopher Aldridge)

Chris Aldridge - 4c Flaming

Funniest (Thomas Rhodes)

Thomas Rogues – Bob Bull

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One Response to “4c Photoshop Competition”

  1. Thomo

    Thanks for my goody box, it arrived a few moments ago! It was like 4c-branded Xmas. And Bob outrunning the bulls will take pride of place in my -er- office. Thomo


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