Tannoy Interview Testimonial

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Video Testimonial

Jim Stewart – Operations manager. Gives us the low down on the company, where they’ve come from what they have achieved and what’s next. Tannoy are not just a part of audio history they are a testament to Scottish innovation craftsmanship and integrity. All of us at 4c are very proud to be part of such an exemplarily company.

Tannoy are a stalwart of audio history, developing and producing sound equipment since 1926 the company has a rich, diverse and influential past.

4c have been working with Tannoy since 2009 and have collaborated on many successful projects, the most illustrious being the Kingdom Royals. These £30,000 + speakers not only represent a pinnacle in audio excellence but also in style, craftsmanship and technological advancement. The attention to detail is unwavering from deep cryogenically treated capacitors and resistors to meticulously chosen leathers, woods and gold to produce mind blowing sound while mainting a prestige aesthetic.

I have heard these speakers in a test booth and they were producing bass notes of 24hz and highs on 61khz. Both of these figures are astounding considering human hearing is 20hz – 20khz. So essentially these speakers are so good the we cant even hear 41khz of what their supertweeter produces. Outside of stadium sized PA rigs these are the most serious audio reproduction equipment I have ever come across.

Check out our case study on the Kingdom Royals here.

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