Start of the New Lens

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So our noses are pressed firmly back to the grind stone at the Design Hub. We’ve just started planning out what to do with our new workshop. At the minute it revolves mainly around swimming pools, waders, punch bags and a fireman’s pole. We know this sounds like a leisure complex for public school boys, but the machinery of design works in strange and mystical ways.

Design Hub Drillin'

On another note I got a new lens yesterday from the infamous rocker Eddie Houston turned Lens Doctor. In fairness the lens is not new it’s from 1981 but Eddie has done an amazing job of reconditioning and converting it to Canon EF. So these photos were really just to test it out and I am very pleased. You canna beat vintage lenses for high quality craftsmanship, reliability and the now outlawed leaded glass.


Here’s some more photos from last year at the Hub…

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3 Responses to “Start of the New Lens”

  1. Eddie Houston

    Hi Somehairle,

    wonderful photographs , I love the one with the guy and blurred out the other two in the background..once you get used to it … it will be one you never want to put down or take it ff ….wish you well … but great photographs ..



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