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4c Crushinator

4c Design’s Tom Harris does his best impression of the crushinator from Futurma inside the workshops new bead blasting machine. The photo was too good not to share with everyone. Photo courtesy of Misha from MK Music What do you think? Crushinator enough for you?

Congratulations to Glasgow School of Art

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Professor Alastair Macdonald and Doctor David Loudon of the Glasgow School of Art for winning the Nexxus Innovation Award for life Sciences for their ongoing work on the Envision project. The project has been carried out as a collaboration between Professor Phil Rowe, Professor of Rehabilitation at the… Read more »

Strathclyde Student PDP Project 1

4c Design has partnered with Strathclyde University to provide a project for 4th and 5th year students for one academic year. The given course is entitled Product Development Partnership aka PDP and gives students a taste of becoming a “mini-consultancy”. As a fully fledged and successful consultancy we felt we were well placed to provide… Read more »

Did you miss the Apocalypse 111111 111111

  Today at well… now, may well be the beginning of the end. Apocalypse now. Goodbye and Goodluck! In case you don’t get it, the time is 11am and 11 minutes, 11 seconds on the 11th November 2011. 11:11:11 11/11/11 Although on the other hand if you have the time to read this and aren’t… Read more »