4c Logo Download

The 4c Logo is registered as trademark to 4c Design Ltd and like all design companies we develop a nervous twitch if we see our brand looking anything but consistent.

So if you wish to use our logo in a presentation or report rather than scrabbling around with a poor quality pixilated version taken from our homepage we’ve decided to make it easy for you and have offered our logo in a range of sizes and file types for you.

Please do not modify it in any way. PS. Our name is written “4c” note the small ‘c’.





Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Developing a unique product or idea? Want to protect yourself before sharing?

Download our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) also known as confidentially agreement. Its a legal contract between us and you that we will not to disclose any of your information.

pdf-download-iconDownload NDA Here


Our Brainfarm foresighting service reduces the risk in innovation, saving time and money.


4c Engineering

Our Inverness Office, for your heavy duty mechanical engineering requirements…


Design Hub

We have surrounded ourselves with creative professionals in a place we call the Design Hub.